Bug report and patch for SSL client certificates

Pierre Pronchery khorben at defora.org
Wed Dec 21 07:41:19 EST 2011

			Hi cadaver@,

having configured my SSL client certificate correctly in ~/.cadaverrc, I
have been surprised by the difference of behavior of Cadaver between:
$ cadaver https://server.example.com/
$ cadaver
dav:!> open https://server.example.com/

In practice, my certificate is only accessed and provided in the latter
case. I managed to solve this issue by patching the code, as attached in
this message. I will have to let you verify if it may have any undesired
side-effects though.

The first part of the patch (about HAVE_LOCALE_H) is a workaround for a
separate issue, fixing the build on NetBSD. It is also found in pkgsrc,
the packaging infrastructure of NetBSD.

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