unable to upload files...

Henrik Holst henrik.holst at millistream.com
Mon Jun 17 17:23:27 EDT 2013

That happens because you have a space on the filename and the PUT command
can take both one and two arguments (it can take two in order to store the
file under a different name).

So you have to enclose the filename with "" or escape each space with a \.

Ie, you have to either enter the command as:

put "Blackbook de Cirurgua.pdf"

or as

put Blackbook\ de\ Cirurgua.pdf

Either one should work but the first one is usually easier.


2013/6/17 Fudelancio Smartel <sfudelancio at rocketmail.com>

> Sincerely, I don't know how to debug log in linux; I use cadaver in linux
> and I tried to upload a 919mb file..shall I have to install davfs in order
> to upload heavy files?
> I run: cadaver https://webdav.yandex.ru:443
> I give my passwd and login...afterwards
> dav> put Blackbook de Cirurgia.pdf
> and I got:The "put" command takes at least two arguments:put local
> [remote]:upload local file
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> Hi,
>   could you please be a little more specific in what you are trying to, to
> where you are trying to upload the files and what the reported error is,
> helpful would be if you also enabled the debug logging and mailed in the
> log.
> Becasue upload files with put is what cadaver is all about, however you
> must run a WebDAV compatible web server/service on the remote end for it to
> work.
> Regards, Henrik Holst
> 2013/6/12 Fudelancio Smartel <sfudelancio at rocketmail.com>
> unable to upload files using put...how to upload files
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