patches and contribution

Ricardo Rocha ricardo.rocha at
Fri Dec 9 04:18:30 EST 2011

Hi Joe.

Thanks for the quick reply, we were afraid the package was not
supported anymore.

Here's the pointer to the ticket that triggered this:

As you mention the issue is with the bundled version of neon yes. The
one in Fedora/EPEL seems to have proper support to deal with the
missing SSL_SESSION_* symbols in openssl >= 1.0.

I cc Alejandro that actually just forked the code into our repo and is
looking into it - if you have an easier way to simply use the system
instead of the bundled neon version then that's great.

On another note, we have another patch Alejandro had submitted in May
to which we got no reply, maybe we could sneak it in too?

Thanks again,

PS: The offer to collaborate still stands up :-) I'll do the fedora
packaging soon...

On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 10:06 AM, Joe Orton <joe at> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 08, 2011 at 06:02:54PM +0100, Ricardo Rocha wrote:
>> We're using litmus for validating the dav frontend of our system - a
>> grid distributed storage service.
>> We have an interest in this package and have patched it to have
>> support for X509 client certificates and support for openssl >= 1.0.
>> We expect other patches to come with time.
>> Could we maybe become direct contributors to it? As an initial
>> contribution we would merge both patches above and package it for
>> Fedora.
> Hi Ricardo - what problems are you having with OpenSSL 1.x?  Are you
> using the (old) bundled version of neon, perhaps?
> Theoretically I can give you SVN access though I can't seem to ssh in to
> the server at the moment; if you send in patches I can commit
> them, while I get that sorted out.  A Fedora package would be great too.
> Regards, Joe

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