[PATCH] sign the certs for encoding tests with the ca

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at suse.de
Thu Oct 23 08:56:16 EDT 2008

also useful for openssl s_server based tests

Signed-off-by: Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel at suse.de>

 test/makekeys.sh |    7 ++++---
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/test/makekeys.sh b/test/makekeys.sh
index 44572fb..752225b 100755
--- a/test/makekeys.sh
+++ b/test/makekeys.sh
@@ -112,15 +112,15 @@ ${MKCERT} -key ${srcdir}/server.key -out ssigned.pem
 # default => T61String
 csr_fields "`echo -e 'H\0350llo World'`" localhost |
-${MKCERT} -key ${srcdir}/server.key -out t61subj.cert
+${REQ} -new -key ${srcdir}/server.key -out t61subj.csr
 STRMASK=pkix # => BMPString
 csr_fields "`echo -e 'H\0350llo World'`" localhost |
-${MKCERT} -key ${srcdir}/server.key -out bmpsubj.cert
+${REQ} -new -key ${srcdir}/server.key -out bmpsubj.csr
 STRMASK=utf8only # => UTF8String
 csr_fields "`echo -e 'H\0350llo World'`" localhost |
-${MKCERT} -key ${srcdir}/server.key -out utf8subj.cert
+${REQ} -new -key ${srcdir}/server.key -out utf8subj.csr
@@ -172,6 +172,7 @@ First OU Dept" | ${REQ} -new -key ${srcdir}/server.key -out twoou.csr
 ### don't put ${REQ} invocations after here
 for f in server client clientdsa twocn caseless cnfirst \
+    t61subj bmpsubj utf8subj \
     missingcn justmail twoou wildcard wrongcn; do
   ${CA} -days 900 -in ${f}.csr -out ${f}.cert

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