begin_request fails with connection was closed by server

Helge Heß me at
Sun Aug 2 18:09:47 EDT 2009

On 02.08.2009, at 23:49, Joe Orton wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 06:17:59PM +0200, Helge Heß wrote:
>> I've just encountered such:
>> ---snip---
>> begin_request failed: 1: Could not read status line: connection was
>> closed by server
>> ---snap---
>> Q: shouldn't Neon automatically restart the connection? The socket
>> probably just went down because of a persistent connection timeout?
> Yes, that is (or should be) what happens already.  Do you have a
> reproduction case for this failure, and/or a packet trace/debug log?

No, its on Windoze and its hard for me to get a useful log on that.  
And its also not strictly reproducable, but rather occassional (maybe  
a global variable, threading issue? - we never use a ne_session from  
two threads at the same time, but we pool them and reuse them in  
different threads, would that be a problem?)
I actually wonder whether is a Windows specific issue, maybe the  
socket error codes are slightly different or something like that?

What I'm currently doing is check for that specific error (by  
strstr'ing the error text ...), then reopen a ne_session. This seems  
to work reliably.

I'll see whether I can somehow isolate the issue. I guess not :-/

My guess is that neon gives up too early. As far as I can see the  
error is a valid result of begin_request if its the _initial_ request  
to the server. Eg a firewall could reject/timeout all attempts. Or the  
user tried to connect a server/port which points to a different  
service/protocol. The server might then immediatly close the  
connection, and Neon should detect that.
But if the ne_session did issue an HTTP request successfully before,  
the closedown of the connection is more likely a TCP timeout? So maybe  
add a flag whether this is the first request after a connect() call?  
And retry if its not?


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