begin_request fails with connection was closed by server

Helge Heß me at
Mon Aug 3 14:02:40 EDT 2009

On 03.08.2009, at 00:26, Joe Orton wrote:
> It's possible.  neon maps two specific Windows socket errors to the
> "connection closed" error -
> #define NE_ISCLOSED(e) ((e) == WSAESHUTDOWN || (e) == WSAENOTCONN)
> so you're seeing one of those two socket errors here, if you're  
> getting
> the "Connection closed by server" error string back.

I'll see whether I can isolate the issue. Its a bit hard to set  
reasonable breakpoints, since the error return's are on the same line  
like the 'if' checks ;-).

Just discovered another one:

   'Could not parse response status line'

In a different virtual machine.

> Yup, you've described exactly what neon does already; see use of the
> "retry" flag in ne_request.c:send_request().

Yes, I've seen that working in many situations :-)

> How have you determined this is a neon bug rather than a server  
> problem?
> A server process crash/shutdown will often manifest in this way, for
> example.

Not impossible, but a bit unlikely. Something I suspect _might_ be  
wrong is the setup of the keepalive headers. I get most of the issues  
with SOGo, if you have the time, you could try to connect (sogo3/sogo3)

and check whether you see some obviously wrong in the HTTP responses  

Thanks anyways,

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