neon: release 0.29.1

Joe Orton joe at
Tue Dec 15 16:03:13 EST 2009

 MD5: eb4eac0499cb6fced6e3b11e4b720ebb  neon-0.29.1.tar.gz
SHA1: 213b88c95d486de2742e979139dc169360d49ad2  neon-0.29.1.tar.gz

Changes in release 0.29.1:
* Fixes for (Unix) NTLM implementation:
 - fix handling of session timeout (Kai Sommerfeld)
 - fix possible crash (basic at
* Fix unnecessary re-authentication with SSPI (Danil Shopyrin)
* Build fixes for Win32:
  - fix use of socklen_t with recent SDKs (Stefan Kung)
  - fix USE_GETADDRINFO on Win2K (Kai Sommerfeld)
* Fix build with versions of GnuTLS older than 2.8.0.

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