Bug in ne_forget_auth(...)?

Kai Sommerfeld Kai.Sommerfeld at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 25 08:21:21 EST 2009

Hi list,

  just tried to use ne_forget_auth() in my destroy request callback,
because OpenOffice.org does all credentials caching by itself and we
have interferences between the two caching entities (neon vs. OO.o).

  First, I had no luck with attempt. After my call to ne_forget_auth(),
neon was continuing to send "Authorization: Basic " (w/o following
encoded pw!) request header without calling my authentication callback.
I think the problem is that clean_session() (-> ne_auth.c) does not
reset sess->protocol. After changing this accordingly everything works
fine for me.

  What do you think?

- Kai.

*** ne_auth.c.orig	2009-02-23 17:18:29.000000000 +0100
--- ne_auth.c	2009-02-23 15:54:22.000000000 +0100
*** 268,273 ****
--- 268,274 ----
       sess->sspi_context = NULL;
+     sess->protocol = NULL;

   /* Returns client nonce string. */

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