incorrect http header?

Jeroen van Veen j.veenvan at
Fri Aug 6 03:46:54 EDT 2010


While trying to implement wsgidav into twisted, i noticed that davfs2 failed 
to perform some operations properly. Initially i made a ticket for 
but noticed that twisted didn't respond to the request send from davfs2. It 
turned out that the header of the davfs2 requests in LOCK(and also for 
authentication) don't end with \r\n but with \n. I first made a hack for 
Twisted which kinda works, but isn't going to land in core, because it's a 
hack and ideally davfs2 should comply to the HTTP spec. I saw davfs2 is built 
on top of libneon, and thought that the requests are also handled by it. I 
wonder if this can be considered as a bug in libneon, and - if so - whether it 
can be fixed? 

Thank you for your time,

Jeroen van Veen

HWIOS developer (

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