Using HTTP Client with non-default port

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Verify that the server on 8080 is functioning properly via some other method
like a wget, lynx or firefox.


If the server is working and NEON isn't, perhaps you could paste a snippet
of code for how you are passing the port number to the library.


Neon certainly works correctly for non standard ports, it is passed during
the session create call.


ne_session_create(mUseHTTPS ? "https" : "http", Hostname, Port);


If you are getting Permission denied, you may have password authorization
required on the server, that is something you should see when you connect
with an alternate browser.

Neon supports authorization through the ne_set_server_auth() call.





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I am trying to debug a bit of code that uses the neon library to make an
HTTP connection.


The problem I am seeing is that when a session is created with a non-default
http port, such as 8080, a subsequent call to ne_begin_request returns an
NC_CONNECT error code with the following message: "Could not connect to
server: Permission denied"


After changing the listening port to 80, the library is able to connect to
the server.


Are there any additional calls that need to be made in order to use the
client with a non-default http schema port?



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