Procucts equipped with the current release neon

Takeshi.Oono at Takeshi.Oono at
Thu Jul 8 03:09:26 EDT 2010

Hi, Experts,

We're planning to develop our products, embedded Linux machines, equipped with the neon.
So could you give us your advice if there is anything we should consider in dealing with the neon? 
Concretely speaking, which neon should we use, the current release, or the 1.0.0 release in the near future?
We assume that the 1.0.0 release means the completed versions achieved the first goal.
If possible, we'll start to produce our products with the current release right now.

* API specifications;
  The downloaded README file says that "The neon API is subject to backwards-incompatible change over minor releases (0.23.x -> 0.24.x) until the 1.0.0 release"
  It's important for our products to maintain backward compatibility.
  But I expect that it's highly unlikely that the API of the current release is changed actually.
  Is that right?

* Software quality;
  The downloaded BUG file says several known problems/bugs in the neon.
  But I recognize that they're not fatal bugs actually and the current release has high quality.
  Is that right? 

* Practical applications;
  It's widely known that the Subversion makes use of the neon.
  Do you know that the neon is used for other purposes, particularly for the commercial use.

* Neon roadmap;
  We want to know neon roadmap till the 1.0.0 release.
  Will you launch the 1.0.0 release in the near future?

As a matter of course, we understand the license of the neon and we'll produce our products under the license.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Takeshi Ohno

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