Bug fix for sending partial files using ne_set_request_body_fd()

Lou Montulli lou at montulli.org
Wed Mar 10 20:22:22 EST 2010

I found a bug when using the ne_set_request_body_fd() api and sending only
part of a file.


If the offset+length is less than the total size of the file, then more data
is sent than is requested.   This results in a server error due to an
incorrect "Content-Length".


The bug is caused by "body_fd_send()" not decrementing
"req->body.file.remain" after reading from the file.    Eventually "read()"
returns "0" when it reaches the end of the file, so this bug doesn't effect
a full file send.


My proposed fix is to decrement "req->body.file.remain" by the number of
bytes read from the file after the "read()" call.   This method is
consistent with what "body_string_send()" does.


Diffs are below.   I'm happy to rework the code if there are any concerns or


--- ne_request.c               (revision 0.29.3)

+++ ne_request.c            (working copy)

@@ -284,6 +284,8 @@

     ne_request *req = userdata;


     if (count) {

+                             size_t read_size = 0;


         if (req->body.file.remain == 0)

             return 0;


@@ -292,7 +294,9 @@

          * and 64-bit off64_t: */

         if ((ne_off_t)count > req->body.file.remain)

             count = (size_t)req->body.file.remain;

-              return read(req->body.file.fd, buffer, count);

+                             read_size = read(req->body.file.fd, buffer,

+                             req->body.file.remain -= read_size;

+                             return read_size;

     } else {

         ne_off_t newoff;





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