neon mixes up proxy and target host when using SSPI on Windows

Michael-O 1983-01-06 at
Sat Sep 17 04:43:56 EDT 2011

Mario Brandt schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm sorry. This was the first I made it with Visual Studio Pro. I
> figured out that was the issue. Made a second trial with the Express
> Edition and before I made the the zip I checked the version thing.

Hi Mario,

I've made two tests. The first with a proxy which has a SPN mapped and a 
second one which has no SPN mapped.
The bevahior was exactly as expected.

Thanks a million for the your effort and Joe for the patch. Guys, please 
include the patch in neon 0.29.7.

I can provide neon debug and Wireshark logs if someone is interested.


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