neon and setting modtime (utimes)

Andreas Schneider asn at
Thu Sep 29 03:16:22 EDT 2011


my name is Andreas Schneider. I'm the developer of csync [1], a client only 
bidirectional file synchronizer.

I've started to add webdav support using libneon. I've exptected to have POSIX 
like interface for file access but it tured out I need to use the basic stuff 
to do it myself.

One of the most important features I need for the file synchronizer is the 
ability to set the modtime. I didn't find a function in webdav and I'm not 
sure if it is possible at all.

So I wanted to ask if it is possible. If someone can tell me I would implement 
such a function for libneon.


	-- andreas


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