[BUG] multiple erroneus configure tests

John Spencer maillist-neon at barfooze.de
Thu Apr 26 10:33:05 EDT 2012

sizeof (( type ))

note the *two* parens, this is not legal C. if you dont believe me, run

  configure_fail004150.c attached on my first mail.

i'm using sabotage linux and amd64, gcc 4.5.3
here's the patch i had to apply to neon to make it work

and here's the script to cat a config.log into to see what failed and 
rip the .c code (including error message) out


On 04/26/2012 08:11 AM, Henrik Holst wrote:
> What system are you getting these errors on? Perhaps you must run
> ./autogen.sh before configure. And sizeof(type) is defintely legal C as far
> as I know.
> Just tested make check with gcc 4.6 and I had no problems (Ubuntu 11.10
> AMD64)
> /HH
> 2012/4/26 John Spencer<maillist-neon at barfooze.de>
>> test failed: for size_t ->  configure_fail004150.c
>> test failed: for off_t ->  configure_fail004161.c
>> test failed: whether strerror_r returns char * ->  configure_fail004939.c
>> test failed: for library containing socket ->  configure_fail005442.c
>> the first bug is that ac_fn_c_check_type does 2 checks, if the first one
>> succeeds(!) it will start a second one which uses sizeof((type)), which is
>> invalid C.
>> the strerror check code is faulty as well and fails to compile using
>> modern gcc's.
>> the socket test uses socket() without including the appropriate header,
>> thus failing due to an implicit declaration.
>> this is all using ./configure in the latest neon release.
>> autoconf users tend to say "this is not our fault", but you deliver the
>> stuff and should be interested in getting it to work properly.
>> --JS

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