[PATCH] Fix autoconf bindtextdomain() test on OpenBSD

Brad Smith brad at comstyle.com
Mon Sep 3 15:34:17 EDT 2012

The following diff fixes the bindtextdomain() test on OpenBSD to properly
be able to detect the presence of libintl (gettext) which requires NE_SEARCH_LIBS
to try also linking libintl with libiconv.

Index: macros/neon.m4
--- macros/neon.m4	(revision 1895)
+++ macros/neon.m4	(working copy)
@@ -1188,7 +1188,7 @@
   # presume that dgettext() is available if bindtextdomain() is...
   # checking for dgettext() itself is awkward because gcc has a 
   # builtin of that function, which confuses AC_CHECK_FUNCS et al.
-  NE_SEARCH_LIBS(bindtextdomain, intl,,[enable_nls=no])
+  NE_SEARCH_LIBS(bindtextdomain, intl, -liconv,[enable_nls=no])

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