neon: release 0.30.0

Joe Orton joe at
Wed Jul 31 12:34:21 EDT 2013

 MD5: fb60b3a124eeec441937a812c456fd94  neon-0.30.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 9e6297945226f90d66258b7ee05f757ff5cea10a  neon-0.30.0.tar.gz

Changes in release 0.30.0:
* Interface changes:
 - none, API and ABI backwards-compatible with 0.27.x and later
* New interfaces and features:
 - ne_ssl.h: added ne_ssl_clicert_import, ne_ssl_context_get_flag
 - ne_session.h: added ne_set_addrlist2
 - ne_socket.h: added ne_addr_canonical
 - ne_auth.h: added NE_AUTH_GSSAPI_ONLY, NE_AUTH_SSPI (Nathanael Rensen)
 - ne_basic.h: added NE_CAP_EXT_MKCOL options test
 - ne_request.h: support chunked bodies with negative length passed to
   ne_set_request_body_provider (Julien Reichel)
* Bug fixes:
 - ne_path_escape: fix excessive memory allocation (Pierre Crokaert)
 - SSPI auth: use canonical server hostname, clear SSPI context after
   successful auth (Nathanael Rensen)
 - build fixes for Open Watcom compiler (NormW)
 - fix Win32 error code handling for local ne_sock_prebind bind failure
 - Win32: support LFS, thread-safe OpenSSL (Diego Santa Cruz)
 - GnuTLS: fix GnuTLS 3.x support (Matthias Petschick, Bartosz Brachaczek)

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