neon: release 0.30.1

Joe Orton joe at
Tue Sep 23 09:33:29 EDT 2014

 MD5: 231adebe5c2f78fded3e3df6e958878e  /store/release/neon-0.30.1.tar.gz
SHA1: efec2a6f17d9bd2323345320e3067349ddc9cf79  /store/release/neon-0.30.1.tar.gz

Changes in release 0.30.1:
* Fix memory leak with GnuTLS (Werner Baumann, Patrick Ohly).
* Fix possible crash after DNS lookup errors on Windows (Olivier Goffart).
* Don't fail if the SSL cert changes between connections with OpenSSL,
  behaviour now matches that with GnuTLS.
* Fix PKCS#11 support under OpenSSL with TLS 1.2.
* Fix static linking with pkg-config file (Alan H).

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