Query on use of Neon library with an application - license issues

John Dougrez-Lewis jlewis at lightblue.com
Sat Sep 5 02:41:20 EDT 2015



I am working on a hobby application that is looking to use WebDAV libraries.


The application links with other software libraries that are licensed under
Apache 2.0.


It looks like I can elect to use Neon under LGPL v3, and section 4 of that
license then appears to imply that if the application accesses Neon as a
Unix shared Library or a Windows DLL then I might be able to distribute the
application under an Apache 2.0 license without violating the LGPL v3




Is this the case?


What additional steps would I need to take to ensure that the Neon Licensing
conditions are not violated?


Would I be able to provide a built copy of the Neon shared library as part
of the distribution or would I have to provide a separate distribution or
instruct users to  download a version of a Neon shared library from






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