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Saunders, Joel Joel.Saunders at
Tue Oct 13 07:49:04 EDT 2009

I use sitecopy to post reports to an Oracle Portal Web Server using
webdav.  I have two issues and maybe a question or so.

1) Every time that I run sitecopy, it takes 20 minutes before anything
happens (good or bad).  Is this a feature or is there something that can
be done?

2) Occasionally, (like last night!) it aborts (after 20 minutes again),
with the message: "sitecopy: Error: The connection timed out."  
	The error return code is a 2, which by reading the docs, seems
like a login issue.  In fact the userid and password it's using is valid
because I can log into the portal with it.  I  ran it four more times
(without changing anything!) and it finally ran without any issues

	I'm using sitecopy 0.16.3: FTP WebDAV rsh/rcp sftp/ssh,
debugging, Unix platform.

	From the web site, it looks like the current version available
is Version: 0.16.6.
	How do I go about getting the latest version?
	Is there a verbose mode that can be used to see what actaully is
going on with the login issue?

Please advise...
Joel Saunders

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