Sitecopy, ssh and the format of the timestamp

Gustaf Mossakowski mossakowski at
Thu Oct 29 07:25:33 EDT 2009


I'm using sitecopy for ftp and for ssh file transfers. It has become  
an indispensable tool for me, thank's a lot to Joe and the other  
authors for programming it!

Recently, I ran into troubles using sitecopy with ssh - the remote  
sites all have a different date format for the timestamps of the  
remote files. E. g. '2005-06-02 12:31' instead of the common 'Jun 02    
12:31' or similar. With the remotely installed locales, it seems  
impossible to get the old common date format back.

With 'ssh -l username 2>/dev/null host ls -la /directory' ssh does not  
establish a normal ssh connection but a connection without  
parsing .profile or .bashrc instead. So a setting in the .profile like

alias ls='ls --color=auto --time-style=+"%b %_d %H:%M" -l'

does not work since it is not parsed.

I had a look into the sources, unfortunately I don't know C. In  
sitecopy-0.16.6/src/lsparser.c I found in line 168 of function  

     /* skip Month, day, time fields */
     line = skip_field(skip_field(skip_field(line)));

So I assume that sitecopy only skips the timestamp and expects three  
tokens. Changing the line to

     line = skip_field(skip_field(line));

makes sitecopy work perfectly well with sites with timestamps in the  
more ISO-like '2005-06-02 12:31'-format. Unfortunately, of course this  
causes sitecopy to fail on the other sites ...

Instead of keeping to sitecopy-binaries in place, my question is:  
would it be possible to either parse the timestamp or have some switch  
to change the parsing behaviour in future sitecopy releases (if they  
are planned)?

Best regards,

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