Workaround for large file upload timeout on IIS 6 WEBDAV

Frank Hagenson frank.hagenson at
Fri Jul 23 05:44:00 EDT 2010


I have had a problem uploading a large(ish) file to an IIS 6 WEBDAV

The connection timeouts out and the status cannot be read, even though
the file is uploaded successfully.

So the upload fails.

I couldn't see a way to change the IIS setup to fix this, so I put a
work-around in the sitecopy code.

My hack gets the file size and date from the server, and if the file is
the same size and same age or newer, ignores the timeout.


I also had a problem when trying to create a folder that already exists.

IIS issues a 405 error, which as far as I can tell from the DAV
specification, means the directory already exists.

So I also added a workaround to ignore the 405 response.


Does anyone want these changes in the codebase?


If so, can you give me some pointers on how to submit it?



Frank Hagenson.

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